Experiencing Technicolour

Experiencing Technicolour

It would be too easy to talk about colour without taking a moment to discuss how as a sensation, as an essential element of the Arketipo way, it can’t be underestimated. Because colour is nearly everything; it is style, it is function it is almost a way of life. We embrace colour. Whether it’s the terracotta roofs to the pastel wall colours of Emilia Romagna, the emerald green that drips from the mountain side pierced with yellow and orange in Amalfi, lime and red in Sicily, blue and violet in Tuscany and Veneto. Colour isn’t just a feature, it’s what makes us human. Colour adds human-interest patina.

Telaio per la realizzazione del tessuto perfetto

«Colour isn’t just a feature,
it’s what makes us human»

But to really experience colour, you need to go beyond sight. It sounds strange and we get that, but it’s true. Because colour can be felt emotionally, but to physically experience colour, is all about material. We know this because we work with the experts that can make a thread pattern intrinsic to the way we experience our products. A team of master craftspeople where colour and material collide to provide an ever embracing sensation, one that understands the power of touch, the sensation of colour; all in one deft first impression. Ours is a hive mentality of fabric knowledge and design, tapping into individual and group elements, selecting patterns that bring pieces to life and taking instruction in the best application. This is what experiencing Technicolour is about; multi-sensory and our mission is to make you experience it, make you experience the Arketipo way.

Searching for originality and uniqueness is also something we look for in our suppliers who also look for inspiration everywhere.
From drawings of nature, we get the right mixture for our thread colour.