Obsessing over feathers & downs

Obsessing over feathers and downs.

Try explaining to someone that you’re obsessed with feathers. The reaction will tell you a lot about the person. If there is nothing, then you should be worried. We understand that being obsessed with something like feathers seems like the invisible past time, but for us, it’s another part in our pursuit of perfection that makes it become part of who we are. Yes, the chase for that perfect cushion can appear to be misplaced, but if pop culture were anything to go by then, “the cushion is the essence of the chair.”

Our feathers and downs are assorted into wooden boxes; it’s reminiscent of an apothecary, each section containing the special collection to make our cushions what they are, a blend of science and emotional connection. Size and weight differentiate each cabinet, from large to small; behind all of this lies a mechanical procedure, regulating airflow in each segment. Larger feathers succumb to bigger blasts of air while smaller varieties, the down, require gentle teasing.

«There are 200 species of goose, therefore 200 types of feather and down. We use at least 70.»

This modern artisan way of sorting and collecting means that we get a greater control over final product. We know that it takes seventy different types of goose and duck feathers to make the cushion fit to go into our furniture. We understand how the ratio changes based on the size, position and typology of cushion, we even understand the importance of treating the feathers in the right way to maintain the highest standard but is it too much? In the pursuit of perfection, the obsessive compulsive nature even determines our feather and down selection. You probably thought, a cushion is just a cushion.

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