design by Mauro Lipparini



The keyword for me is vitality.


Executive desk and console chest of drawers: new eucalyptus tops and sides, textured silver-grey Magnesio metal legs and feet Wall Street brings an array of evocations: New York City. The world of finance. The bulls against the bears. For Arketipo, it’s all about opportunity—the opportunity to make something that has never been made before. For Mauro Lipparini, it’s about taking that opportunity and creating a never-before-seen design. This is furniture for more than just an office. It creates a proper “think tank” where transformative ideas can be met with all the seriousness they deserve. This is an executive desk for both conjuring things up and then taking the time to think them through, the linchpin of a space where the tiniest details are considered and the biggest decisions are made. Lipparini has departed from the shapes conventionally found in office spaces and opted instead for more essential and distinctive forms, most prominently the trapezium-shaped desk tops. The resulting system is an aggregate of asymmetrical planes, staggered, overlapping, and geometrically articulated, that possesses an extraordinary dimensional adaptability, both orthogonal and longitudinal. Completing this eye-catching system is a complementary console chest of drawers that can be positioned under the desk for a classic arrangement or placed elsewhere for use in an independent manner. Wall Street offers the opportunity to do something totally different
PLATTE: MDF furniert in Zebrano oder Thermoholz Eukalyptus.
METALLTEILE: Metall gebeizt glimmerig Braun oder Oxy Grey oder silbergraues strukturiertes Magnesium.
PAD: Leder Pelle Leonardo, Dirt und Tribe.