design by Giuseppe Vigano'



Attention to detail is a principle to our core! GIUSEPPE VIGANÒ


The king of the court, a cultural icon of the 80s and 90s. Just say the name and you have an image, someone who defied gravity, someone who dominated his space and those around. So when Giuseppe Viganò took on the idea of Jordan, little was he to realise that such an iconic name could produce such a powerful design. A design that equally holds a power to challenge expectations and to be as symbolic. Jordan is a statement, a principle of great design and great construction. In fact, its uniqueness is that it is defying standard definitions, carving its own path when it comes to creating luxury in the armchair market. It did not need to be big, so it is not. It did not need multiple materials, yet it uses them. The stitching of the backrest becomes a glamorous detail, the shell is made of polyurethane and the base is equipped with a return mechanism. Finally, it can be upholstered in either fabric or leather. Challenging expectations is the secret and Jordan does it with ease.
STRUKTUR: Polyurethanschale, Farbe Hellgrau (RAL 7044) oder Beige-Grau (RAL 7006) oder Schwarz (RAL 9005). Struktur der Rückenlehne aus Metall.
POLSTERUNG RÜCKEN: Polyurethan-Schaumstoff variabler Dichte (40-PH+HR30-28) verkleidet mit synthetischem Überzug 100gr.
SITZPOLSTERUNG: Polyurethan-Schaumstoff variabler Dichte (PF50FR+HD60+V3316) verkleidet mit synthetischem Überzug 180gr.
UNTERGESTELL: Metall, drehbar mit Rückkehr-Mechanismus; Ausführungen: flüssig bruniert oder glimmerig Braun, Oxy Grey gebeizt oder Black nickel. 
SITZHÖHE: 46 cm.
WICHTIG: Das Rückenteil ist nicht abziehbar, dagegen ist das Sitzteil abziehbar.