Classic Blue – Pantone’s colour of the year 2020

Reassuring and capable of soothing the mind, Classic Blue has been named Pantone’s Color of the Year 2020. But why did the Pantone Color Institute, which has been showing the fashion and design world the way for over 20 years now, opt for this specific shade? It’s undoubtedly because − like all the colours in the range − Classic Blue conveys a feeling of safety, peace and inner balance, yet at the same time the shade is the epitome of elegance. In many cultures, blue is associated with the depths of the psyche and the imagination, probably because it evokes images of the endless space of the sky and the sea. Quite simply, blue is a colour that conveys confidence and a sense of opening up to the new. In the field of interior design, Pantone’s Classic Blue is the ideal shade to breathe life in living areas, making them impeccably elegant.

Pantone Classic Blue is recommended for anyone wishing to make their living area feel timeless − indeed, despite being chosen as Color of the Year 2020, Classic Blue is a great classic which somehow manages to remain perennially relevant. When used for furniture, Pantone Classic Blue helps to incorporate focal points into any room, particularly when used in environments dominated by neutral tones such as white, cream, grey and dove-grey. For a bolder − yet equally successful − choice, opt for Classic Blue for your sofa, the key piece in any living room

Arketipo creations build a rhapsody in blue
Among Arketipo’s new products, the must-have sofa for 2020 is undoubtedly blue in colour!

Bring timeless elegance and a regal feel to your lounge or living room with the Windsor model in soft velvet with capitonné detailing. Windsor will inject a hit of opulence into minimalist living rooms or add a sophisticated vibe to a more industrial space.

Smooth Operator − like the song from which it takes its name − has an irresistible charm. Its lines are modern, clean and simple, while the blue colour lends a sophisticated edge which screams success

For an eccentric touch, meanwhile, the star of the living room is Auto-Reverse, with its aggressive lines and oversized, exposed zip.

And then there’s Ego! With a contemporary yet classic feel, it’s made even more stylish by its blue colour.