Sitting Easy: the Art of Humble Armchair

Why a armchair is more than just a chair.

Think about your living space for a moment and take everything in. What are the items that are used the most? What is the piece that signifies a spirit or an identity to you? If I had to guess, it would be the armchair.

Even though we have found ourselves spending more time in our armchairs & sofas, how many of us have noticed that we slowly, over time, become like them; and vice-versa.

That’s not to say that we become physically like these creations, no, they capture a bit of everything we are and the moments we share.

As light as a feather

Look at Jupiter. Isn’t she beautiful? From its metal arch to fiberglass shell, feather blocks to soft leather; this is really capturing new age, space age even, design. Should we notice this at first? Probably not, what we notice is just how beautiful this piece is but when you combine it with the material play that it has, it becomes something else. Something you want to live with.

And what’s that you see, sat in the corner, imposing itself the way an armchair can? Sin Seaty with its acute homage to the graphic design era and its harmonious design that picks up on the female silhouette, a quilted back that can be made in fabric or leather and a development of slim lines running throughout the design.

They use feathers to cushion their perfect forms, yet their geometry commands the space with their tall backs and imposing lines. This is how comfort can look when you blend creativity and acute engineering.

Put your feet up

An armchair should also welcome you and any guest to, as the English would say “put your feet up”. It’s informal yet remaining firmly, gentlemanly.

Just one look at Belair and the foot pouf and everything about that warm welcome makes sense. The metal frame cradles you, the intelligently crafted cushions, hand stitched and cared for invite you to take a moment and appreciate its beauty before appreciating how you are at ease with its presence; this is comfort, and then the pouf; it’s like resting your feet on a cloud. Suddenly you are lost, bathing in a feeling of weightlessness.

Jupiter again is asking you to look at her. Just look, because now, with this pouf, you have relaxed levels turned to eleven. Could that feeling of weightlessness be achieved with just this one addition? Yes, yes it can.

Bond oozes refinement, basques in cool and wants to be noted. A statement of minimalist design and sartorial elegance. The lower back makes you take note, but your feet rest in a position of quiet ambiguity. Yes, take one look and picture yourself there with a martini… you can, can’t you? An armchair should also be what you desire

Be Brave, Be Bold

Statements. That’s what interiors can, or rather should be. They should be a place where we get to show the world who we are, and embrace what we want to be. Roxy, is then your companion for the bold and the brave in you.

Take its high, regal back, the cradle like structure which wants you to melt in its hand stitched fabric and pause… You’re enjoying that aren’t you? Now, place your head comfortably in the resting spot, a pinch quilted upholstery that screams, “LOOK AT ME”. This is not a wallflower of a chair, this is audacity, a perfectly balanced alternative.


What does an armchair mean to you? For us, it means finding the balance between design, craftsmanship and engineering; for us, its comfort without compromise.