STARMAN – the material revolution

New year, new trends in the design sector. 2020 brings with it a great desire for renewal as well as a return to the genuineness of origins. All this, strictly inspired by total comfort. Delicate and relaxing tonalities are given a new lease of life as more textured and warmer materials emerge, such as dark wood and leather, exalted by rigorous yet soft designs. With a sprinkling of innovative elements, the new decade will be characterised by a desire for experimenting with the harmony of contrasts, incorporating metal and glass elements as well as mirror finishes, in an eternal struggle between nature and technique.

Sofas and armchairs as refined sculptures
The sofa is the undisputed heart of every home. The corner sofa Starman, for example, is inspired by the cutting-edge and anti-conventional spirit of one of the most iconic rock stars of all time: David Bowie. Its defined yet sinuous sculptural lines (thanks to chamfered finishings on its sharp corners) adapt remarkably to all interiors, thanks to its modular structure. The Starman sofa collection is covered in Dub: an exclusive fabric by Arketipo, made of a linen and viscose blend, jacquard finishing and yarn dyed using the Space Dyeing technique. This process turns yarn into a delicately blended fabric, characterised by a natural mélange and three-dimensional effect, making it extremely pleasant to the touch. This sofa’s solid yet ethereal appearance makes it a truly unique piece, the culmination of tireless research pursued by the designers Ludovica + Roberto Palomba.

Armchairs are an essential furnishing element of any comfortable living interior: Arketipo has developed its very own and decisively innovative vision in this sense. The Nascar model, featuring here in the Aniline Leather version, is characterised by a high-impact design: rigorous lines are refined by the subtly rounded contours of the arm rests and back. The seat is deep, enveloping yet spacious. The design of this armchair, conceived by Leonardo Dainelli, distinguishes itself in virtue of its ability to seamlessly combine extreme solidity, also at a visual level, with an unmatchable sense of comfort and safety. The three metal legs perfectly complete the markedly contemporary yet familiar line, creating a piece which exudes unique personality

Wood, metal, marble and glass: the unexpected lightness of contrasts
In such a meticulously curated interior, a coffee table is fundamental and according to Arketipo, the ideal element here is Noth, featuring a spacious natural finish wood top and a metal structure painted in dark tonalities. Once more, materials are perfectly balanced in apparent contrast, resulting in a furnishing piece that is extremely solid, simple and natural in appearance. The day side openings enhance the structure’s lightness and elegance; thanks to the defined design, this coffee table can be effortlessly added to existing living interiors, even with items of different styles.

Solidity, simplicity and sober elegance are essential values for the Aura sideboard too. Here too, contemporaneity is developed through material contrasts: it is no coincidence that this elegant furnishing piece is made from metal and wood, completed by a marble or glass top. The solid, dark wood structure is enveloped by visible metal tubes; the upper top is thick and clearly visible, also from the front, adding an unexpected and quirky touch: the marked veining of the marble creates a dramatic and colourful effect, in stark contrast with the systematic rigour of this sideboard’s lines. A decidedly contemporary model: out-of-the-box while also characterised by impeccable elegance and great balance.

No interior is complete without an effective light source. One of the lighting trends for the next decade is dictated by disruptive materials and designs, just like in furnishing. In line with this mood, Arketipo proposes its quirky Bubble Bobble lamp in this living interior. Three glass spheres, available in two different finishes, supported by a lofty metal structure with visible cables. A sculptural and unique piece, whose lights create the illusion of three celestial bodies suspended in space. An element capable of creating a warm yet highly original ambience, all by itself. It seamlessly adapts to a wide array of furnishing scenarios, thanks to its highly versatile design, adding a unique touch to any corner of the home.

The unexpected harmony generated by the juxtaposition of contrasts is a highlight of the third millennium and will undoubtedly develop into one of the trends for 2020. The ability to find the perfect balance between strict rigour and creative freedom will culminate in veritable jewels of style: sober design which is never banal; sophisticated without shunning plays with contemporaneity. After all, this is all about representing and living one of the greatest challenges of our time: the eternal struggle between technology and nature, locked in an eternal, inescapable mediation between material and concept.