Giuseppe Viganò

Giuseppe Viganò
Attention to detail is a principle to our core! GIUSEPPE VIGANÒ

Giuseppe Viganò is concerned with industrial planning of furniture items and with the art direction of companies of this sector. As designer he has a creative spirit and a relevant sense of beauty, which he rediscovers each time and makes it rational in every new project. The planning research is the base of his creative thought, which always leads him to achieve new goals. New materials often become a starting point to create not only a product but complete collections. The research for references that come from art world, fashion and poetry are often the occasion to approach the product in a transversal way; the majority of his well known products are born from painting concepts or glamorous details, others are poetic gestures that create seducing forms.

His journey with Arketipo begans when he answered an advert ‘looking for a designer.’ The brief was simple enough, to designa sofa. Naturally, a sofa is more than a simple concept so Iput together something diff erent, something that would standthe test of time, something that would represent the values of Arketipo, that something was Auto-reverse.

“For me, what Arketipo does is take my design, something which has been thought throughout and then elevate by incorporating their corporate culture by making them better. The execution of the material, to the feel and petina of the slightest detail; there are few others who can do what is needed to make design,function, form all work in unison like one of my designs.”

«One million combinations»


Preliminary studies for Auto-Reverse, sofa ( 2011 ), design by G.Viganò


Auto Reverse, sofa 2011 design by G.Viganò

Auto-Reverse combines all the principles of an Arketipo design, but for Giuseppe Viganò, what it really does is unleash a powerful, secret weapon, attention to detail. Maybe it’s not such a secret weapon, but it remains one that permeates the business and everyone involved in the design to the production of the product; especially the production.

A soft , two tone, touch, chromatic look and feel that combines leather and fabric, incorporated with a four-way zip, rendering the stationary into the living.

Barracuda has a design that is inspired by performance and designed to perform. It was made with a comfortable, elastic and highly resistant material, it may be used by scuba divers, but here, it’s found a home in high end interior standards.

When others look to detail as an addition, Arketipo looks to it as a point of strength and subtle elegance.

«Inspired by performance and designed to perform»

Barracuda, armchair 2017 design by a G.Viganò