Imagining the perfect product

Imagining the perfect product

You can spend your life searching for perfection, some find it doing the mundane, others, whilst making a sandwich; is there such a thing then as perfection? Perfection is subjective, it’s a way of thinking, it’s not as much tangible as it is an idea, but ideas lead to opportunities, and that’s what creating the perfect product provides. An opportunity to discover a moment of perfection.

The perfect product is a chase; if it were a bike ride, it would be all the Giro D’Italia’s combined and still no concrete winner, but there are moments, elements which make the chase a momentary frame in the pursuit of a perfect product. Moments.


Moments puncture the creative process. They make it possible in part, but they help form the chase for perfection. Our concepts are built on moments. Creative minds like that of Giuseppe Viganó or Mauro Lipparini have been instrumental, together with Adriano Piazzesi they capture these moments in their creative visions. Their vision has captured the Arketipo way for countless years.

The chase is far from complete, it’s a process. We go to our engineers who construct the pursuit of perfection. A technical drawing, a 3D model, a prototype, several prototypes, all tested at the same time, and then, only then, do we appreciate that we are in the midst of the pursuit. We test, we seek, we draw from the knowledge. We ask, is this feasible? Is this the perfect product? From our CEO to our collaborators, our business knows that this, is what the pursuit of the perfect product should look like.

«Materials dress the style of the product»