Lucia | Sewing Artist

Lucia | Sewing Artist

What do you do and how long have you been working with Arketipo?
Fourteen years. I am a trained seamstress and my main responsibility is making sure we continue to deliver outstanding upholstered products.

What is Arketipo for you?
It’s a place of work, one where people are granted the freedom to try things, are encouraged and supported. All of the work is appreciated, it’s something that makes this company truly special.

When thinking about your craft, what do you obsess about?
Consistency and focus. We are working with natural materials; small variations in texture, colour, feel, each with a different impact. We’re crafting experiences, we’re doing it by hand, it requires attention and obsession, a higher standard across multiple pieces to bring these works to life. It plays on my mind daily, how can I make the process better?

«Is this up to Arketipo’s Standard »

What is an excellent product made of?
Great materials, great craftsmanship and a lot of passion.

How do you achieve perfection?
I don’t know. Probably through repetition, perseverance and a little stubbornness. I am good at that.

«All of the work is appreciated, that makes this company truly special»