Martina | Stylist

Martina | Stylist

What do you do and how long have you been working with Arketipo?
Twenty years. Our products are pushing boundaries, disrupting the interior furniture business, my job is to give it a platform, both internally and externally.

What is Arketipo for you?
It’s a business that never stops innovating yet, it’s a business that isn’t scared to look at what makes us unique; we’re a family. I’ve worked with people that are passionate about their craft every single day it means we never stop learning, never stop growing. It’s a beating pulse that runs through this business.

When thinking about your craft, what do you obsess about?
How to make products stand out and tell their own story. Materials and colours do this for me. I can’t stop learning and understanding what makes a different thread combination work compared to another. Now, we can choose our own bespoke colour combinations, how can I not obsess over the possibilities this brings?

«Products don’t make themselves»

What is an excellent product made of?
Products don’t make themselves yet it is essential that internal stakeholders understand the limits we go to as a business and as a family to make our products unique. This book is another way of showing our team those efforts, the work that everyone does to render us who we are.

How do you achieve perfection?
Working hard, never losing focus and really believing in your own and your colleagues work.
In order to discover where we can go, where we can push our creative limits, we must experiment. Experimenting means opening ourselves to new.
So, what is new? New is an idea. It’s a foundation to what we cherish and what we crave. It’s design that advances, but makes us feel like we already know it. New is research and patience, new is what we had but more in different ways, new is finding inspiration in everything and making it ours.

«It’s the number of options and the deliberate choice to treat everything like a custom project»