Monica | Customer Care

Monica | Customer Care

What do you do and how long have you been working with Arketipo?
Fifteen years. I help clients getting what they want from our products, it’s relationship management from start to finish.

What is Arketipo for you?
An Italian-born, international luxury brand. One that continues to ask questions, develop new ideas, challenging the normality of the luxury furniture industry.

«Attention to the customer needs»

When thinking about your craft, what do you obsess about?
Clients and numbers. One is the emotional connection, the other is the logical, pragmatic association. Our products are outstanding, to be that way requires rigor and attention; attention to the customer needs and the service required, rigor in how we achieve it from the numbers. We are here to develop a long lasting relationship.

What is an excellent product made of?
People make the difference; our craftsmen are special, you can see it in the way they approach their jobs, it adds to the final product.

How do you achieve perfection?
They say ‘practice makes perfect’. So I guess we will keep on practicing.

«Practice makes perfect»