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Perfection Compulsive Disorder

Perfection Compulsive Disorder

We suffer from perfection compulsive disorder.

A culture that is reflected in our nature, our passion, our identity. It has helped us to create a sophisticated, high quality and beautifully crafted collection of home furnishings.

But it has not been done alone. It has only been achievable when people – not ideas,  machines, nor a slogan – have come together. It is a core belief of our organisation; aim for perfection, we will know when we reach it – if we ever reach it.

Because it is a team of people that create great things.

Our team is made up of believers and dreamers. It’s the Florentine artisan, the artist and craftsman, the worker and ideologue. From the very top to the bottom, there is no distinction of what the sum of each part makes; a unified squad, pulling together to make something magical. We place our faith in each component, each worker’s hands and vision to say, “let’s bring this home”.

We can talk about our products, we can spend hours telling you the provenance of each material, the importance of colour and even selecting the correct grain of marble. Our search for perfection starts with our team.

This is our team. Not all of them, but some. Our leader, our creators, our thinkers and our artisans. They have Perfection Compulsive Disorder.  Discover how much.