The people in the search of perfection.

Perfection Compulsive Disorder

We suffer from perfection compulsive disorder.

A culture that is reflected in our nature, our passion, our identity. It has helped us to create a sophisticated, high quality and beautifully crafted collection of…

Andrea | Production Manager

«Is it achievable? Probably not, but perseverance, passion and one crazy idea could get you pretty close»

Monica | Customer Care

«Practice makes perfect»

Martina | Stylist

«It’s the number of options and the deliberate choice to treat everything like a custom project.»

Lucia | Sewing Artist

«Is this up to Arketipo’s standards?»

Roberto | Leather Specialist

«Mistakes, humility and a lot of work make an excellent product.»

Alberto | Fiberglass Maestro

«Time and the weather. My enemies and my friends.»