design by Gino Carollo



We create not only products, but a new lifestyle. GINO CAROLLO


Finding balance has become an intricate art, whether in life or in the more physical manifestations of our day to day; Oracle has been described as an 'illusion', a 'law bending structure of interior physics' and even 'a centre point.' Oracle has an aim, one that looks to address balance in the structural form.
The base is a complex piece of manufacturing, three metallic circles that meet at different angles proving that elegance can be art and that luxury can push boundaries; it is interior engineering that looks as stunning as it is thoughtful. Whilst the base is available in micaceous brown, brass, titanium and oxy grey, the top is cut to a circular shape or oval and it is available in moka oak or sucupira and Emperador marble or Niveo White marble with the rotating tray Lazy Susan, which is perfectly integrated in the table. The only way that the original Oracle design could be improved to showcase lightness, poise and balance was to keep most of what made the original Oracle unique, the base structure. Made up of three metallic circles that meet at different angles proving that elegance can be art and that luxury can push boundaries, the top has changed to something more, visual and yet invisible; glass.
Oracle hasn't let go of what made it unique it's just rendered it more visible.
Oracle shows us that rooms can find balance, it's just a case of knowing how.
BASE: metal, finishes: brass or titanium or varnished micaceous brown or oxy grey.
TOP: MDF veneered in moka oak or sucupira or Emperador marble or "Niveo white" marble with rotating tray "Lazy Susan" or “Slate Grey” marble or extra-clear glass with thickness 12 mm.
ATTENTION: marble is a natural material characterized by porosity and cracking, that, during the manufacturing process are filled with special resins or inserts in the same material. After the polishing the surface may present irregularities and natural micro holes, which, however, do not compromise the solidity of the product.
For the correct maintenance of all marble surfaces, it is recommended to use neutral detergents and no degreasers nor corrosive detergents. Acid substances may spoil the polished marble surface. It is also recommended to avoid contact with liquids and acid food and to remove immediately these substances if they accidentally come in contact with the surface.