design by Gino Carollo



We create not only products, but a new lifestyle. GINO CAROLLO


Whilst sounding like something that was the iconic arcade game of the 70s, Moon Invaders is more a statement of design than any creative game play. It is best to think about Moon Invaders as a welcoming embrace of the nuanced isometric American art movement of the 80s and 90s. Playing with the square and rectangular form as their principle shape and style, it makes no excuses for the flamboyant use of materials. Marble is the striking center piece whilst the Tuscan styling and use of vegetable tanned leather makes up the arrangement for the corners and lifts on the outside. Finished with thin metallic legs, Moon Invaders is more than a play on words, but one of our environment and how we can create new emotions.
TOP: "Arabesque grey", "Moon grey", "Slate grey", "Niveo white" or "Flamingo quartz" marble.
wood covered with leather Pelle Leonardo.
FEET AND OTHER EDGES: metal, finishes: black nickel or titanium or varnished micaceous brown or oxy grey.
ATTENTION: two edges are covered with leather Pelle Leonardo, vegetable-tanned aniline leather of high quality. We recommend maximum care in the use. For any advice on use and maintenance please refer to the technical sheet of leather Pelle Leonardo.
Marble is characterized by porosity and cracking that, during the manufacturing process are filled with special resins or inserts in the same material. After the polishing the surface may present irregularities and natural micro holes, which, however, do not compromise the solidity of the product.
For the correct maintenance of all marble surfaces, it is recommended to use neutral detergents and no degreasers nor corrosive detergents. Acid substances may spoil the polished marble surface. It is also recommended to avoid contact with liquids and acid food and to remove immediately these substances if they accidentally come in contact with the surface.