design by Mauro Lipparini



The keyword for me is vitality.


A record-shattering collection of songs, a convention-defying set of furniture pieces—they share an intrigue-rich name and an inspiring commitment to individual expression. Material is the clear protagonist of the Rumours occasional tables, which sees marble employed for the tops. This remarkable stone—at once exuberant, precious, eclectic, and engagingly theatrical—requires the greatest discretion in terms of design. With each piece, three metal blades undergird the top and intersect it with clean, precise cuts that interrupt the variegated marble veining of the curvaceous surface, yielding captivating contrasts between lines and areas, explicit and implied, that are organic and natural and those that are rational and geometric. Rumours draws upon these artfully conceived contrasts to present itself as simultaneously a sophisticated piece of furniture and a dazzling gem of rapturous scale. Here is that “crystal vision” Stevie Nicks sang of in Fleetwood Mac’s timeless “Dreams.” The interplay of the subtle graphic lines in the surfaces and the bold, robust slabs works to create an altogether new and unexpected lexicon of refined design for these one-of-a-kind pieces.
STRUCTURE AND METAL PARTS AT SIGHT: brass or black nickel.
TOP: marble Flamingo Quartz, Tangerine Onyx, Arabesque Grey, Slate Grey or Niveo White.