design by Ludovica + Roberto Palomba



Disturbing elements of the natural order to create something new. LUDOVICA + ROBERTO PALOMBA


Self Control: finding our limits. If limits are about understanding where design can live and function can play, then Self Control is the example we all need to help us understand this subtle and powerful design concept. Curves, that's what it's all about. That's what our designer, Ludovica + Roberto Palomba want you to feel in each of the sofas that we have created under the Self Control vision of design. Here, soft touches accentuate the overall structure and feel; curves lift the overall design, each done with a subtle elegance, a subtle control of design and function. The armrests, the seating, the back support, each are designed with purpose, each designed to highlight that curves and straight lines have a reason and purpose to coexist. Self Control has "an eclectic spirit", it's about understanding what our limits are as designers, it's about defining how you want to live in your space, after all, when we find control in our extremes, true beauty can flourish.
FRAME UPHOLSTERY: multi-density expanded polyurethane (ELAST PF35FR+T40P+NF21/20) covered with synthetic lining 230gr and synthetic cover 6 mm.
SEAT CUSHION UPHOLSTERY: multi-density expanded polyurethane (HR36/36+NA40+NA35) covered with synthetic lining 230gr and cotton and polyester fibre coupled lining.
BACK CUSHION UPHOLSTERY: downproof cotton cover coupled with resinated lining; filling in mixed feathers (70% goose feathers and 30% polyester fibre).
BACK CUSHION UPHOLSTERY (7110461): downproof cotton cover coupled with resinated lining; filling in 100% goose feathers.
SPRINGING: elastic belts.
SEAT HEIGHT: 40 cm - 45 cm with feet h. 14 cm.
ARM HEIGHT: 65 cm.
FEET: metal, finishes: titanium or black nickel or varnished micaceous brown or oxy grey, h. 9 cm. On request feet can be supplied 5 cm higher with an extra charge.