design by Ludovica + Roberto Palomba



Disturbing elements of the natural order to create something new. LUDOVICA + ROBERTO PALOMBA


Starman: Capturing moments. Just saying the word Starman and you will be forgiven for thinking about that eclectic sound that David Bowie had; where he never stood still in his musical journey, our Ludovica + Roberto Palomba don't idly wait for inspiration, he finds them in moments, and captures them to the way we live, Starman, is no exception. Starman is about imposition, it's about disturbing elements of the natural order to create something new. New, it's a meaning that is filled with trepidation yet it needs to be embraced because, new can also mean changing the status quo. If Bowie played with delineating crescendos and lyrical wordplay, Starman is playing with aggressive and powerful contours, designed to impose their being in a unique space. Here, you will find low backs, curved lines, swooping drops and an illusion of a floating space. This is where design is set against the norm, finding character and its own unique balance to contrast that with. Starman, asking us all look up and capture our own uniqueness without ever holding back.
FRAME UPHOLSTERY: multi-density expanded polyurethane (D40P + OS35S).
SEAT UPHOLSTERY: multi-density expanded polyurethane (D40P + OS37S + 35EM + Mind Foam) covered with synthetic lining 230gr.
BACK CUSHION UPHOLSTERY: multi-density expanded polyurethane (21M + D50 Mind Foam) covered with synthetic lining 380gr.
SEAT HEIGHT: 42 cm - 45 cm with feet h. 8 cm.
FEET: plastic, h. 5 cm.
On request feet can be supplied 8 cm high without extra-charge.