Structure is the soul

Structure is the soul

«I care not where my body may take me as long as my soul is embarked on a meaningful journey.» – Dante Alighieri.

Florence’s favourite son understood the importance of the soul. It is the intangible that binds the spiritual with the physical but for us, it is the basis of what connects each and every product at Arketipo. It is the first step of creating something. The first look into how we understand and how we respond with different materials, style and comfort. Our meaningful journey begins with structure. Structure is everything, structure brings order, it allows the soul to live.

Our structures can be metal or wood, they can have elastic or wooden slats, they begin with design but they live in the hands of the skilled artisan that creates them. Humans create for humans, souls connect with souls and our workshop is a space where we can bring our philosophy to life.

It starts with structure; a hidden one at first glance, but one that allows the soul to take its own, meaningful journey.

«Structure brings order, it allows the soul to live»