3. Identity, creativity and research.

Identity , creativity and research.

We look at the world, the bigger picture and ask: “How can we make furniture that makes our clients shout, ‘that’s the one!’?”

Imagine having someone like Adriano Piazzesi and not challenging him and his creativity . A sculptor and painter whose early forays into design became a calling card for us. Imagine then not being challenged, not being asked to think about those things?

Advertising CASA VOGUE 1990 | Accademia - design Carlo Bimbi.
Advertising D CASA 2006 | Loft - design Adriano Piazzesi
Advertising su AD RUSSIA 2016 | Auto-reverse - design Giuseppe Viganò

We’ve spent thirty years working with the best designers, collaborators, taking their backgrounds from other arts, sciences and engineering and asking them to “push themselves, be curious” and “take chances.” We’re not a production line, a laboratory nor a focus group. We’re constantly pushing the rules, making sense of the world and creating the unexpected.