An Arketipo Story

An Arketipo Story

An Arketipo Story

We have something that runs through our business. It is a thing that is obsessed with a culture that champions quality and emphasizes experience not objects, design not furniture.

It is Perfection Compulsive Disorder

This is not a trivial play on words, nor a lightly taken statement about health. We believe that perfection is “a journey, not a destination.” A journey that is grounded in not only creating products of quality, but one that understands the past and sees clearly into the future. Every product, every design and every part of our production is researched to ensure we deliver perfection. Nothing is taken for granted.

We learn from the beauty of world around us. Take Luciano, our thread specialist who uses a book of different tree barks to inspire the colours of our material. “I use chemicals to colour, but the perfect colour combination is created by nature.” It is like this with every material, we do the most minimal of interventions to understand how they behave, and what we can learn from them.

And what does the Perfection Compulsive Disorder business strive for? Sustainability. It understands how materials need to be sourced, it identifies with designers who not only champion ideas of valuing a product but withstand the test of time in every conceivable aspect. As Giuseppe Viganò says, “our heritage and culture guide us to a new age, it is the combination of the old and the new that creates our unique voice.”

When you take every element of the material and the design and place it in the hands of our master craftsman, you have the closing of the circle in Perfection Compulsive Disorder. Because ours is a culture of the artisan, the one who understands what it means to treasure something of beauty and of great quality – and then create it, the way it is meant to be.

An Arketipo product is a journeyAn understanding of our cultural history and a clear eye into the future, one that does not hide from the challenges we all face and one that champions a way to do things differently, and better!