Andrea | Production Manager

Andrea | Production Manager

What do you do and how long have you been working with Arketipo?
Almost fifteen years. My job, currently, is looking at product acquisitions, productions and wider business goals that as a team we have set ourselves moving forward.

What is Arketipo for you?
We’re bringing products and ideas by people who know precisely what they’re doing, to a market that is looking for something unique, original and designed to the highest standards. Arketipo’s mission is to bring experiences and I think what we’re doing is fulfilling those ‘needs and wants’ to the market.

«Is it achievable?
Probably not, but perseverance,
passion and one crazy idea could get you pretty close»

When thinking about your craft, what do you obsess about?
I’m obsessed with always bettering the way we do things. Finding new ways, new paths and working with people to push the envelope in how we deliver, especially in the production of an item.

What is an excellent product made of?
Our objective is to make an ‘excellent’ product based on design, originality, research and material quality with however a caveat; bringing the experience and knowledge of the artisan in the production process.

How do you achieve perfection?
Trying to achieve perfection is nearly impossible as much as it is subjective, but I think perfection is nearly achieved based on the customer reaction, that says more than any other observation.