Perfectly flawed

Perfectly Flawed

Don’t ask us how it’s done: «You can feel it when it’s ready.»

This is how we work with fiberglass; a dedication to curiosity and understanding where the outer limits of furniture design end and engineering in new elements begins.

«Never be denied the opportunity to feel something different and new»

You read that right, fiberglass. A material that is used in Formula One, Olympic Skiing and now furniture. It forms a bigger picture of the Arketipo way. Our way places experience at the heart of every customer journey. Our way means that you should never be denied the opportunity to feel something different and new. Our way which means you know a team of people have put their environment, knowledge and ideas into something that makes the world around them that little bit better.

Our way is Alberto’s way. His team develops our fiberglass constructions. He’s a modern day sculptor where his creations aren’t that of an 14th Century renaissance image, no, his are works to be experienced and touched. A signature process that leaves a textured print on his creations, all done with a delicacy that if one thing went wrong, would ruin a process. His chisel? A sandblaster. His polishing wheel? A circular saw. His filing element? An adept sensation of touch and precision. That’s why we don’t ask Alberto, his process is unique, his creations, works of art.