Sculpting the most tactile foams

Sculpting the most tactile foams

On average we spend more than 9 hours a day sat down. That’s a total of 18 years of our lifetime, that’s a lot of Netflix, possibly some chill, definitely a lot of living; so why would you want to do that on the most uncomfortable furniture? Foam plays the vital role in the construction and comfort of our products. Unlike our feather and down, where a degree in ornithology may help, foam is a different beast. It’s more like the safety testing of a motor vehicle than a foray into clinically cataloging plumage. We don’t do the later.


We spend the time assessing the impact our bodies make in furniture; our engineers design solutions, our craftsman develop the material to deal with it. Whether you slump, slouch, sit rigid or melt into your furniture, ours is designed to cope. We test, we craft, we build and we test again. Our foam is multicoloured to distinguish density; it allows us to more easily assemble furniture to the clients needs and taste. We craft shapes and lines that blend into whole of the furniture line and, we test. We test how well it works, how it fits in with our product line and how we can make it better, stronger, more durable, more comfortable. Living on the couch has never been easier, you just need to understand a little more about the thing that makes it so easy. All the various levels of density and comfort defined by their colours.

«The keyword here is impact»