The importance of colour for a perfect fabric

It would be too easy to talk about colour without taking a moment to discuss about Arketipo strategy: to transform an easy sensation into a fascinating product. As a painter carefully chooses his palette and, above all, the technique before making a painting, at the same time a furniture company must have a perfect mastery in the chromatic choice of its products. Finally, we know that colour has a very important role in our psyche and mood.

So Arketipo not only selects every fabric type, but also works on the research of techniques in order  to obtain the perfect fabric.

The colours of Italy

Made in Italy is not just a claim but a real mantra: from terracotta roofs and the pastel wall colours of Emilia Romagna to the emerald green that drips from the mountainside pierced with yellow and orange in Amalfi; colour represents a real starting point and nothing that concerns it is left to chance.

 Arketipo selects wefts and wraps in different waves and chroming

Il telaio per la creazione del tessuto dal colore perfetto
abbinare il colore per un tessuto elegante

Colour beyond technique

Each fabric in Arketipo collection is the result of a careful selection of wefts and warps in different weaves and chromatic effects. An important furnishing object, such as a sofa, cannot be considered complete if the person who designed it hasn’t gone to the bottom of every centimetre of which it is made. Perhaps a bit obsessive in its approach, it is true, but it is also the only way to guarantee quality and comfort.

Space dyeing technique – the Dub collection

The collection Dub is a Jacquard woven fabric and it has some unique characteristics. The warp is a mix of viscose and linen twisted threads, printed using a process called “Space dyeing”, which injects different colours inside the single bobbin through needles. This kind of printing enhances the twisted thread and creates a unique pattern.
The weft is made of two yarns: the cotton printed with the same process as the warp and the chenille with melange effect, obtained by a long precision process that combines two colours. The cotton and the chenille threads are finally twisted together.

Colorazione del tessuto

The bobbin has put inside the machine made with needles.

Tecnica di tintura per colore

In this way it is possible to apply more colours inside the same bobbin

Tessuti sfumati in cromature diverse

The result is an uniform yarn.

Atlas, Self Control and Smooth Operator sofas made with fabrics from Dub collection represent a good example for the development of this technique. The aim is to bring people into our philosophy and so appreciate each single product: a concentration of thoughts and sensations combined with a deep knowledge of the material for a unique experience.

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