We’ve spent years making the inside of your home the perfect location to eat, rest and play. Some (many) would say we’ve become very good at it. Now, it’s time we do the same for the outdoors. And yes, we expect to be very good at that too.
By taking all of the principles that make our designs so unique, our craftsmanship so admired and our finishes so desired, we are delivering a philosophy of outdoor living without compromise. That’s how outdoor living should be; without compromise. We have taken over two years, done countless meetings, gone back and forth to the drawing board, argued, made up, and thrown our team of experts in delivering design after design to create an outdoor product the way it should be, the way an Arketipo product should be. The end result? Outdoor Furniture without compromise. We know you will love what we have created, we also know that it will makeyour neighbours friends/family/exes jealous as well.
Because the outdoors is more than a hike in the mountains or schush down the ski slope. It’s more than just what you do at the weekend or tell your friends that you do at the weekend. The outdoors is the space least discovered in your home and yet, most loved by those who spend any time there. Whether it’s your alfresco morning espresso or your evening gathering, the outdoors is the extension of your home, it’s the extension of how you live. The smallest spaces on a terrace to the large gardens that are filled with colour and smell; outdoor life is more than an instagramable moment – it’s living.


Mauro Lipparini

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Mauro Lipparini


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Mauro Lipparini