design by Gino Carollo



We create not only products, but a new lifestyle


We can go back as early as 4th Century BC China to find room separators. They allowed people of that time to create homogeneous spaces, dedicated to differentiated practices of use. One ceremonial, one private. When we divide our interiors, we are making a conscious effort to bring something dynamic to a room, to the way we live and the way we respond to the challenges that our interiors face. In essence, a physical partition, like Hide Me, is representing the way we also choose to live our lives. We choose to move from one area to another in order to better manage each thing in separation. And this is what Gino Carollo has managed to do. In Hide Me, he has created two different types of separation, one from the ground, the other from the ceiling. Each panel is a combination of more materials: zebrano or eucalyptus wood, mirror, varnished wood and metal inserts. By making this obvious contrast, this obvious separation so detailed and yet so measured it reflects our own internal needs and interior acknowledgements.
PARTIES METALLIQUES: métal verni oxy grey ou titane.
PANNEAU: MDF, une face vernie oxy grey, une face contreplaquée eucalyptus ou Zebrano et verre/miroir ”Stopsol” (célèbre pour son aspect esthétique extraordinaire).