design by Giuseppe Vigano'



Attention to detail is a principle to our core! GIUSEPPE VIGANÒ


Described as “An energetic tune about needing gratification and fulfilment without concern for commitment” Fastlove was George’s way of showing just how powerful love can be. It can control everything about you and how you behave or react; in this we find a new way of appreciating things we may never have once understood. Fastlove is about that first moment, that impact, that very particular place and time we came to understand that there was something more. Fastlove by Giuseppe Viganò is more than just a design, a place where first love, a fast love happens. A place where freedom of expression is given space and where materials are respected and shown their own unique love and value. Zebrano or Eucalypto wood moulds along the base produce free flowing lines, cradling soft rippled leather or fabric cushions. This is an ode to love, an ode to fast love, something that is beyond fleeting and about falling in love… Fast.
STRUCTURE: assise: métal; dossier et accoudoirs: bois.
REMBOURRAGE ASSISE: polyuréthane expansé de différentes densités (D40-31+VH35-50) recouvert de doublure  en coton blanc imperméable aux plumes remplie avec 50% de plume d’oie et 50% “Fiber Ball” (fibres de polyester).
REMBOURRAGE DOSSIER ET ACCOUDOIR: polyuréthane expansé de différentes densités (HR35-36) recouvert de petit velours 280gr.
REMBOURRAGE COUSSIN DOSSIER: gabarit en polyuréthane expansé (NF21-20) recouvert de doublure en coton blanc imperméable aux plumes remplie avec 50% de plume d’oie et  50% “Fiber Ball” (fibres de polyester) et doublure couplée 3mm.
RESSORTS: treillis métallique électro-soudé.
PIEDS: métal, finitions: bruni liquide ou verni marron micacé ou oxy grey.
COQUE: bois contreplaqué, finitions eucalyptus or Zebrano.