design by Mauro Lipparini



The keyword for me is vitality.


With a lighthearted name that evokes, from one perspective, a video game console and, from another, an aircraft pilot’s control column, the Joystick tables are works of both playful, even mischievous spirit and absolute precision. The impressive density of the metal plate is the compelling theme of Joystick, which delivers a powerful impression with its direct, emphatic design: two discs inalterably joined by a curved vertical plane. The eye-catching shapes are a realization of pure material in an archetypal minimalist conception. The sculptural object, concrete and rich in its profiling, finds in its polished, graceful thickness a cultivated style that resonates with the candor of its pure gray metal surfaces. The ideal occasional table to complement a wide range of sofas, armchairs, and beds, Joystick will find a place in almost any room in the home. Available in different lacquered colors, it calls to mind the spirit of post-industrial recovery, creating an artistic synthesis between arte povera and an exacting aesthetic built on first principles that gracefully unites form, material, and function.
STRUCTURE: métal bruni liquide ou teinté marron micacé.