design by Gino Carollo



We create not only products, but a new lifestyle


Many can remember the excitement of a new era. Filled with trepidation it was also a time to think big, to move forwards, to create a new path in our world. The Millennium, it was all we could ever think about because it ushered in a new era, filled with hope and promise, and we still have that although it's not always obvious. In Gino Carollo’s Millennium, he is capturing that hope. The advent of a new wave of minimalism, the idea that less is more but more can be more too. Taking a simple approach in Millennium, Carollo has created a design ideology based on hope that rewards something beyond the simple. It is about material contrast and pairings. It is about rewarding simplicity rather than taking from it. Featuring a marble top paired with wood, the top is a contrast to minimalism but respectful of it. The simplicity does not stop there. In the construction of its legs, metal with marble contrast, to give a solid and elegant finish to a mesmerising design. Millennium is about taking the simple concept and elevating it. It is about rewarding simplicity without taking from it. Millennium makes furniture design more about the environments we create, the environments we aim to make better with thought and attention. It is about the era we ushered in together making us remember what made it so exciting to begin with.
PLATEAU: Mélange de matériaux: MDF contreplaqué eucalyptus ou Zebrano et marbre “Arabesque Grey”, “Slate Grey”, “Moon Grey”, “Niveo White”, “Flamingo Quartz” ou “Tangerine Onyx”.
BASE: Métal, finitions: bruni liquide ou verni marron micacé ou oxy grey. Deux côtés de la base métallique sont recouverts de panneaux en marbre (même finition du plateau).