Arketipo is Firenze

Arketipo is Firenze.

Ours is an identity built on ideas capable of constantly evolving, growing, changing. Where we are not frightened to look to our past, to understand what being a company from Florence actually means; style, continuity, culture, uniformity. We bridge old with new, we bring the artisan craft to modern process, we expect everything from our people and we leave nothing to chance.

Our theology is founded in a world made of curiosity, a world made of past and present, a local Florentine vision that embodies taste and irreverence.

This, the ‘Arketipo way’ is what makes what we do so unique. We are an artisan workshop of ideas, inspiration and cultural nuance. We are not afraid to take what is inherently ours and fashion into a new world, a new style of thinking, a new way of living.
Whether it is design or material, comfort or fashion, we are more than just researching, we are informing. We are building a unique sense of self, a unique vision to approach this world, an antidote to the mundane and unimaginative.
Ours is a mission of individuality, one designed to showcase what makes each and every product synonymous with our past and our vision for the future.

Crafting unique and original items.

Take our logo, an evolution that encapsulated the 70’s style which understood its place with sensuality and strong typography to a switch in the new millennium which saw how fashion shaped design in a multi-discipline way.
Our logo reflects that styling with one important note, Firenze in our title. It shows how we still look to our heritage for constantly pivoting to the new. Our hearts and inspiration are laid here, in Italy, but we are dreamers. We see the world as an opportunity, a place for inspiration, a home to our newest products and collections to come.

The word Arketipo has its roots in ancient Greece. It is the combination of the words ρχή (arkhē): beginning, origin and τύπος (tỳpos): sort, type. Its meaning refers to the concepts of idea, image, original model.
Such a strong and ambitious name, perfectly highlighted from the very beginning what our mission would be: to transform ideas into unique and original items.

“Without experimentation, a willingness to ask questions and try new things we shall surely become static, repetitive and moribund”

– Anthony Bourdain –

Our collaborators, craftsmen and employees have tried new things, it is our ethos that ‘experiences make the product’, not science. By trying, we learn, by experimenting we grow by being courageous, we make memories.